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A Quick Introduction...

I have experience in print/web/3D media, and a passion for creating solutions. If you have creative work and challenging projects, get in touch.

With a lifelong fascination in the creative arts, I've enjoyed learning how to make ideas come to life. Because of this, I trained in graphic design to apply my creative skill to digital technology. From there, I began my work in illustration, graphic design, web design and 3D modeling.
After working in design for a decade, I changed direction to continue my work as a teacher of design and technology. As a teacher I discovered the power of learning technology and used e-learning platforms to design virtual classrooms and manage the user's experience.
Now I'm exploring virtual reality design and application. I see the use of immersive design and VR development as the way forward for creating impactful learning experiences that teach through doing. With this in mind, I'm looking for creative work within VR/AR design.